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Shop Now and Pay Later with Sezzle

Shop Now and Pay Later with Sezzle

Sezzle is an alternative payment platform that helps merchants increase online sales by enabling their customers to pay for their orders with interest-free installment plans. Consumers pay over time, but our merchant partners are paid upfront, eliminating risk of fraud or non-payment.

When you pay with Sezzle, your purchase is split into four equal, interest-free installments automatically scheduled over the next six weeks. It's a financially responsible way to pay over time and build credit.

Because 67% of consumers under the age of 30 have sub- or non-prime credit scores, we use a proprietary algorithm over traditional credit checks to determine credit worthiness, enabling more consumers to get approved.

Mia Bernad

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Through the various design challenges I've tackled, I've come to know that what's more valuable than mastery at any skill is an openness to learning new things.
Engineer at Sezzle since the beginning (co-founder). Studied at Columbia University and the University of Minnesota. Automate && Elevate.
Biz dev leader at Sezzle. Worked in management consulting, medical device, and entertainment industries. MBA from Carlson School, BA from Davidson College.
CEO and Founder @Sezzle Founder @Passport Engineering and business educated. Using love of tech, strategy and marketing to build great companies.