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Kinesh Patel

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CTO, Co-founder @ SevenRooms. Previously Lead at ExxonMobil (advanced software research programs), NYU MBA, U Texas Electrical Engineer.

Allison Page

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Entrepreneur, finance degree gone rogue; Worked at Credit Suisse, Hodes Weill & Associates; The Wharton School 2007

Joel Montaniel

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Started at @Credit Suisse IB. Learned how to build and operate a tech company as the Chief of Staff at @LivePerson. Founder of SEVENROOMS @Georgetown


Natalie Magioncalda

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Talent Acquisition @ SevenRooms

Matthew Gilston

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Client Support / Client Success Manager. People person. Excellent verbal and written skills. Customer Advocate. 5-Star Uber rating.

Danny Guadalupe

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Senior Tech Rep with extensive B2B and B2C support knowledge. Looking for a company to grow with.

Dylon Walker

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Client Success & Partnerships @SEVENROOMS

Kevin Ye

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Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, Software Engineer.

Melissa Yu

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People at @SEVENROOMS Previously leading Talent Acquisition and People Ops efforts at @Jet @Ernst & Young and @Etrade

Marybeth Sheppard

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SVP, Marketing at SEVENROOMS

Mike Abelson

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Drew Friedman

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I live at the crossroads of the hospitality and tech Industries. People person first, creator second.

Austen Asadorian

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Early Peloton, Early SevenRooms

Maria Peraza

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Account Sales Specialist with 6+ years of experience driving revenues by leading client efforts in entertainment, hospitality, print, and digital media.

Dana Konwiser

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Tasio Victoria

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Full stack software engineer with extensive, modern software development experience. Thrive in collaborative environments focused on shipping quality software.
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Former team

Judith Eskenazi

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Alexandra Widrick

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Howard Grimberg

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Robbie King

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Paige Ross

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Kytzia Bourlon

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