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A novel AI product that will completely change how sales teams are operating

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Customer Success Manager

Posted 8 months ago

SetSail is a funded startup working on an exciting product in the area of AI for Sales. Over the past six years, we experimented with revolutionary ideas combining Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics and drove double-digit increases in revenue productivity vs. control at Google. In 2018, we...

Software Engineer

Engineering Lead

Posted 1 month ago

We are a funded startup in the Sales and Marketing Incentives space powered by ML. We are backed by a leading VC and have early marquee customers in the enterprise SaaS space with highly engaged users. We are looking to expand beyond our HQ in San Mateo and to open up an office in Utah. We are...


Data Scientist (Full-time or Internship)

Posted 2 months ago

About us: We are a group of ex-Googlers and other characters working on creating a new way to incentivize Sales organizations. Over the past 5 years, we have experimented with combining Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics to increase sales velocity, and drove double-digit improvement in...