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Customer Success Manager

Posted 10 months ago
  • Serving as the primary contact for the onboarding of new customers, the training of platform end users, as well as post-go-live support
  • Aligning with key customer stakeholders on mutually agreeable success milestones
Software Engineer

Full-stack Developer (Full-Time or Internship)

Posted 1 month ago
  • An innovator with a thirst for knowledge who can take ownership for an idea and drive it to completion
  • Professional level experience with Node.js and Koa or Express

Data Scientist (Full-time or Internship)

Posted 4 months ago

About us:
We are a group of ex-Googlers and other characters working on creating a new way to incentivize Sales organizations. Over the past 5 years, we have experimented with combining Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics to increase sales velocity, and drove double-digit improvement in pro...