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Alex Soong

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Co-founder at Set Protocol. Angel Investor. Engineering at Square, Apple, Zynga. Berkeley EECS '12.

Felix Feng

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CEO of Set Protocol, Software Engineer, Investor, Operator, and Technologist


Anthony Sassano

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Experience in Security Operations and Emerging Technologies

Brian Weickmann

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Former options trader, turned developer. Focused on data analysis and blockchain/web3 development. Currently working for Set Protocol, we're hiring!

Richard Liang

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Growth Operations at Set Protocol

Justin K. Chen

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Stanford (Master's)/UC Berkeley (B.S.) . Full-stack engineer (frontend, backend, mobile, blockchain, AI)

Board members and advisors

Venture Investor at @Pantera Capital ; Board Observer at @ChangeCoin ; Mentor at @Boost Bitcoin Fund ; Mentor at @Alchemist Accelerator
Founder & Angel Investor Advisor: @Uber @Expa Investor: @Uber @Coinbase @Forward @Color @useheartbeat @blue-bottle-coffee @dYdX @RADAR
founder @otiswealth