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A web-app for managing all aspects of Disability Services organizations

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1.  We’re currently seeking a key player in our business:  Someone technical who is seeking to make an impact and seeking an incredible learning experience in a challenging startup environment.

2. We value individual autonomy and simply getting stuff done, which leads to each member having a lot of responsibility, power, and freedom that drives each of us to achieve and innovate despite being the underdogs in this industry.

3. We love technology and building stuff, and we love transforming organizations (our clients) into powerhouses equipped with modern technology that allows them to succeed.

4. What does growth look like?  We have a solid, nation-wide client base that has been developed largely over the past few years.  We keep gaining momentum, and this industry keeps growing.  There's more opportunity than we can handle currently!

5. We're in Kansas City:  The Silicon Prairie.  Home to a great city, Google Fiber, and a vibrant startup community!
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Software Engineer

Lead Engineer/.NET Software Architect

Posted 9 months ago

We’re looking for someone to take ownership of all development that occurs at SETWorks. As we're still a small startup, you’ll be an essential member of the development team, working alongside the founders and the rest of the company. This means you’ll get to work in a ton of different areas and...