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We build cooking robots that make one pot meals

We build cooking robots that make one pot meals

Sereneti Kitchen will make food healthier, tastier, and more affordable than ever before by producing robotic appliances for the home kitchen. The first product is Cooki, a robot chef that emulates the way you cook by mimicking arm motions to mix ingredients above a pot in a heated surface, and adding the right ingredients at the right time.

Meal food tray pods of fresh ingredients that are pre-washed and pre-proportioned according to a recipe will be sent to a consumer’s home on a biweekly basis. Consumers treat the ingredients like fresh groceries by placing them into their refrigerator. There is also an option to create a unique recipe by prepping a consumer’s own ingredients to add to the Sereneti Kitchen recipe ecosystem.

To cook a meal, a user loads the machine, syncs their smart device to Sereneti Kitchen’s Foodi recipe engine, and pushes one button to enable cooking. When the dish is finished, a message is delivered back to the smart phone telling the user “food is ready.”

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