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Generalist Engineer

$100k – $150k • 0.1% – 0.8%
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We're looking for breadth-first engineers ready to tackle a variety of challenges across our stack—from backend scaling to frontend performance to programming language theory. You'll play a critical role in evolving the nascent Serenade product into an essential tool for developers around the world.

Here's a sample of projects you'd be able to work on from day 1:

- Build on top of open-source technologies like Tree Sitter (tree-sitter.github.io/tree-sitter) and the Language Server Protocol (microsoft.github.io/language-server-protocol) to iterate on our generalized code transformation platform.
- Implement new voice commands that seamlessly automate even the most complex workflows.
- Meet with developers using Serenade in their daily workflows to understand what works well & what doesn't, then build solutions.
- Create integrations with developers' favorite tools and iterate on our cross-platform Electron app.
- Scale our containerized backend to handle a rapidly-growing number of developers using Serenade.

And, here's a bit more about our product stack:

- Our backend consists of modern, containerized, JVM-based, gRPC services on top of AWS technologies like RDS, ElastiCache, and S3. We also use Rust for high-performance code parsing.
- Our frontend is an Electron-based app written using TypeScript and React alongside native node.js addons and cross-platform components written in Rust (e.g., for Win32 and X11).
- Serenade integrates with a variety of apps via their respective plugin architectures, using languages from Python to JavaScript.
- Whenever possible, we contribute back to the open-source community.

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