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Code with voice

Code with voice

At Serenade, we're rethinking programming. Today, most people write code by sitting at a desk, memorizing a syntax that varies with different tools, and pushing buttons. And, doing so for long periods of time is known to cause physical pain. We'd know—we created Serenade after developing a repetitive strain injury (known as an RSI), common among people who use computers all day, that made typing incredibly painful.

We're building a future where everyone can write code with the highest-bandwidth input mechanism we have: our voice. Rather than remembering hundreds of shortcuts and incantations, Serenade enables everyone to write code using natural English speech. Not only can Serenade enable anyone with a physical limitation like an RSI to be fully productive again, but voice commands can also supercharge any workflow and increase productivity.

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Co-founder at Serenade. Quora 2013 - 2017. CMU SCS 2011.
Co-Founder at Serenade. Former Head of Platform at Quora. Harvard '13.