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Sequin’s founder, Vrinda Gupta, is ex-Visa, ex-IDEO and a Berkeley-Haas MBA on a mission to increase access to building, using, and engaging with credit for women, a population that has historically been left behind in financial services. Currently, 70% of U.S. women are not using credit cards, despite being credit worthy and having high spending power. In addition to the fact that these women are not building their credit histories, they are also leaving valuable benefits on the table - like earning rewards, or protecting against fraud. Sequin’s vision is to reimagine the credit card from all angles to appeal to women, from how women build credit, to how they use and engage with it. Sequin Card is currently being incubated at the IDEO CoLab, with advisors from IDEO, Visa and Carrie Schwab of the Schwab Foundation. Sequin was recently featured in the Washington Post and CreditCards.com and received 1000 waitlist sign-ups on the first day it launched. Sequin Card will be debuting its partnership with Visa at New York Fashion Week this February.
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Chief Technology Officer

Posted 6 months ago

Title: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Team: Founding Team at Sequin Financial
Location: San Francisco, CA

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Sequin Financial is on a mission to reimagine financial services to place women's needs front and center - a large population historically left behind (70% of women aren’t buil...