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Sépage develops the best recommendation engines in the world

Sépage develops the best recommendation engines in the world

Sépage’s unique and innovative approach is based on an intelligent information treatment permitted by Semantic Web technologies. The expertise and the technologies developed by SÉPAGE represent a new way to apprehend the Web, exploiting the potential of the Web of data and conceived as a service capable of bringing relevant solutions to individuals. The relevance engines developed by SÉPAGE are aimed at innovating Web companies, but also at any companies willing to push the boundaries of research and recommendation systems.

Unlike many start-ups, SEPAGE was not founded on an idea that emerged by coincidence. It is founded to fulfill a technological mission. To complete this mission successfully, Sépage employs researchers, developers and strategy leaders, and works hand in hand with universities and leading industrials.
Semantic Web Expert. Creator of Award-winning semantic technologies.
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