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Sentio Solutions is a San Francisco-based startup, developing biomarkers and digital therapeutics to change the way we diagnose, manage, and care for Mental Health.

Our award-winning first product, Feel, is an emotion-sensing wristband and app, that provides continuous mental health monitoring and real-time advice for individuals that suffer from anxiety and depression. By developing Feel we’re committed to our mission to change the way we diagnose, manage and care for mental health and help 450 million people live happier lives by 2030.

Powered by Feel technology, Sentio Solutions is offering a 4-month Augmented Mental Health program targeted to HealthPlans and Self-insured Employers. The Augmented Mental Health program uses a combination of evidence-based behavioral techniques and cutting edge emotion recognition tech to help the participants gain insight into their thinking, behaviors, and emotions.

Sentio Solutions is backed by top tier VCs in Silicon Valley and London and has been recognized as the Insurance Shaper of the Year and one of the Transformative Technology companies in 2017 as an innovator in the mental and emotional well-being market alongside the likes of Apple, Google, and Fitbit.

Our team is comprised of experts in the field of Psychology, Biomedical Engineering and Data Science with experiences spreading across many countries and some of the top universities around the world.
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Customer Support Specialist

Sentio Solutions is developing digital biomarkers and therapeutics to change the way we diagnose, monitor, and care for Mental Health. Our first product, Feel (www.myfeel.co) is an emotion-sensing wristband and an app that provides real-time monitoring and personalized interventions, for people...

Other Engineering

Junior Electronics Engineer

Who you are: A candidate who will work as Electronics design/ Mixed signals processing Engineer: • Contribute to the electronic design and development of Feel HW • Assist in designing analog and mixed-signal circuits meeting requirements and technical specifications • Perform calculations,...