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Managing creative obsessions

Managing creative obsessions

SENSU is a visual way to manage content, based on intuitive drag&drop technology. We target creative types of internet users, who are in need of an intuitive and powerful bookmarking tool. Besides aggregating and organising content for oneself, SENSU also allows one to manage and share content within a personalised network. It thereby serves as a form of 'visual dropbox' where users can create 'virtual desks' for managing their collaborative creative work processes.

What makes SENSU so potentially lucrative is 1) its ability to bookmark and organise content from e-commerce sites as part of creative content, facilitating affiliate links 'in context',

2) the ability to filter content by 'taste' ("sensu" in Japan)—whereby users can filter the content they see by the 'taste' of its source, making it possible to connect with others who share a similar sensibility.

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