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The Simplest Way to Create Internet of Buildings and Cities

The Simplest Way to Create Internet of Buildings and Cities

Senseware is a system that makes any sensor, meter or device data available in real time on the web in a plug and play fashion using a wireless mesh network. The collected sensor data is available instantly in the cloud and can be viewed in the Senseware Dashboard or be streamed to any third party’s server or application for analysis and actionable insight. The universal sensor and control interface makes it easy to get data from new sensors or controller on-demand by plugging the sensors/controllers into the existing infrastructure without having to do any reconfiguration, making Senseware a cost-effective and scalable solution with wide-scale adoption potential. The wireless mesh network makes it easy to scale the coverage in a location without having to worry about accessibility or wiring. Senseware provides one system that can aggregate data from multiple single-purposed sensors creating a powerful yet cost effective platform without the need for custom and lengthy configuration.

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Founder/CTO Senseware. Strong background in wireless sensor-based networks and systems. Winner of the multiple European awards. Ph.D. in Elec. Engineering.
Founder Senseware. Strong business background (PMP, ITIL, Adjunct Prof./School of Mgmt GMU). Strong technical background (Ph.D. IT).
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