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VP Eng of Sense. Headed various server and mobile dev teams at Vlingo before that. Stanford MS CS (AI).


Matt Fishburn

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Math-focused engineer who loves playing with data.

Jonathan Turnbull-Reilly

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Full stack generalist turned frontend engineer.

Jonah Petri

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Full stack generalist, from cloud to desktop to embedded, startups (7 years at iZotope) to tech giants (7 years at Apple).

Emilie Phillips

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Carnegie-Mellon CS and Physics. Skilled architect. Heuristic and mathematical solutions to real world problems.

Hilario Coimbra

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product @ sense.com

Chelsea Officer

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UX @Sense, cofounder @Wrkflows

Joe Bamberg

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Hardware Lead. Electrical/Systems background. M.Sc EE. Consumer Product Development/Design with years of leadership and operational experience.
VP Hardware Engineering, One Laptop Per Child. Decades of design and development experience with multimedia systems and digital hardware.
Data Science Team Lead at Sense. Previously a core data science contributor to Hopper, Dataxu, and a speech scientist at Vlingo.

Caleb Marcus

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Board members and advisors

Investor and board member at @FINsix; board member at Sense Labs, Greentown Labs, and Quidnet Energy; investor in Nest; managing partner, MNL Partners

Former team

Vanessa Bruce

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Winnie Ngo

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