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Jonathan Abrams

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Jonathan Abrams is an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders Den, previously founder of Nuzzel and Friendster.

James Kelm

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PM leader focused on mobile and monetization. PM lead for Flurry Analytics, Co-founder at Wormhole Games, Producer at @Funzio, PM at @Google, planner at @Apple.

Signia Venture Partners

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A unique early stage fund helping entrepreneurs build impactful, high-growth ventures

Akash Garg

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CTO & VP Product Afterpay US; Director of Engineering @Uber ; Sr Eng Director of Growth & International @ @Twitter; CTO at @bebo; Co-Founder/CTO of @Hi5

Philip Sanderson

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GV provides venture capital funding to bold new companies

Othman Laraki

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Co-founder at Color Genomics. Investor in Pinterest, AngelList, Slack, Instacart, Mesosphere & others. Co-founded MixerLabs, early PM at Google.

Gokul Rajaram

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DoorDash. Past: Square, Facebook, Google.

Khosla Ventures

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