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Revolutionizing solar through aerial intelligence

IOS Engineer

₹7L – ₹8L
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As a software engineer at SenseHawk, you will be responsible for developing critical applications that are responsible for delivering valuable insights to our customers.

We are a small and young team. We expect nothing more than the ability to understand problems from first principles and sound programming fundamentals. And you can be sure we expect nothing less. Being at SenseHawk should make you a pro with:
• Code optimization and reducing redundancy.
• Quick build cycles.
• Building APIs that can scale.
• Architecting simple solutions to complex problems.

Please be technology agnostic and curious.

Apply if you believe you are good with:

Familiarity with native build tools like XCode, Gradle.
Firm grasp of the JS and its nuances, up to date with new ES versions.
Build automation through CI / CD.
Reactive programming paradigms.
Kotlin coroutines.
Google APIs.
Decent experience with React-native/Vue-native.
Hands on flux like architectures (redux).
On device database management and serverless integrations.
Version control (git)
Experience with DJI sdk is an added benefit.

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Revolutionizing solar through aerial intelligence

SenseHawk focuses on Infrastructure, Solar, Artificial Intelligence, and Drones. Their company has offices in Bengaluru and Saratoga. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://sensehawk.com

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