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Shridhar Marri

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CEO and Co-Founder senseforth.ai


Sachin Prajapati

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knowledge and experience in Hadoop Technology, Java,C,C++

Sourav Biswas

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I am the Senior Conversational Experience Designer at Senseforth.ai

Tanuj Rohatgi

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Bachelors in CS |Java|Python|Web Frameworks|Spring|Hibernate|NoSQL|Neo4j

Nikunj Vinchhi

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M.Tech-CS(Nirma University-AHmedabad)||Loves Coding||Strong DSA & Algo||Interested to work in Data Analysis,Machine Learning,Full-Stack Developer

Madhusudan K

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CS grad, Developer with an inclination to work with products that solve problems.

Ankit Kumar

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A web geek , a node noob , a http hustler , a java jester.

Adarsh S Belludi

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Krishna Kadiri

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Chief Innovation Officer at Senseforth technologies

Abhishek Kumar

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Front-End/full stack web application developer working on a SaaS based AI/Chatbot product

Former team

T A Subramanya Paddillaya

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Bikram Kachari

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Vishal Uchil

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Kumar Aman

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