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Urban Climate Intelligence

Urban Climate Intelligence

SensCity is an integrated decision support platform (SaaS) that provides urban climate intelligence, to the property, construction, financial, insurance and government sectors.

SensCity utilizes a variety of environmental and climatic data sources, from IoT, Satellite Imagery, and open/proprietary data to monitor, analyze and visualize climate changes risks, impacts and to monitor the performance of climate-resilient infrastructure.

We can provide monitoring and analysis in real-time at a hyper-local scale from IoT sensors all the way to precinct and regional resolutions through ongoing satellite monitoring.

Our software helps ensure communities, businesses, researchers and government decision-makers have access to the best available information and tools to understand how climate change may impact them and how resilient their investments are into the future.

We work collaboratively with research and industry partners to deliver robust climate change analysis and compelling da
Founder Senscity • Worked at @VicRoads, @Arup - Helping our cities thrive by monitoring our green spaces.

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