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Simulating Reality

Simulating Reality

SenSat’s Mapp® technology simulates reality at a far greater level of scale and computational complexity than previously possible, in a fully machine readable format. Their first iteration for the construction market allows anybody to assess the site in real time and discuss plans in a visual and intuitive sense. It provides the virtual backdrop for complex data, making it easy to track critical variables across a project. SenSat is exploring applications in city management, telecommunications, infrastructure and logistics, energy, transportation, traffic control and the Internet of Things, and has also seen interest for defence applications. Proofs of concept and pilot projects have included the simulation of the city of Cambridge, working with the city council to map the city’s infrastructure, traffic, pedestrians and other layers in the most complex real time city simulation ever created.

Harry Atkinson

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SenSat - Head of Product University of Sussex | University of California

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Founder @Sensat the world’s first physical world AI ecosystem.