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At Sensai our vision to push the envelope of diabetes care by bringing in technology, data and AI to deliver superior treatment to patients. We have a team that is multidisciplinary and committed to making healthcare affordable, accessible and impactful.. We use state of the art technology and combine that with rich data analytics to deliver care when you need it. Everyone of the co-founders has a close family or a friend who is a diabetic/bp and have personally experienced the challenges of getting sugar levels under control and the number of iterations it takes for the same. We have seen our family members hop from doctor to doctor in search of care that works for them. We have seen our family members suffer through Diabetic Retinopathy, Foot Ulcer, Kidney function issues all directly related to having sugar levels not in control for extended periods of time. Primary reason for this is care is not personalized to the individual and it is based on limited information. We believe with availability of innovative sensor technology combined with key causal factors and AI can deliver personalized care that is in sync with the individual. By controlling sugar levels in a stable range you have a better chance of postponing and avoiding secondary complications of diabetes. We are looking for candidates who want to see their work impact millions of lives on a daily basis. We are looking for candidates who are willing to roll down their sleeves and get the work done. We are looking for candidates who question status quo, deeply understand our user pain points and find a technology led solution to solve the same.
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UI UX Designer

Posted 4 weeks ago

Key Responsibilities :

Ability to collaborate with software developers, doctors, dietitians, caregivers and other ecosystem players to understand pain points, problems and requirements.
Should have good verbal and written communication skills.