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Wyre is a secure and compliant bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrency



Michael Dunworth

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Co-Founder @Wyre . Big fan of digital currencies. I write left handed, kick right footed and play tennis right handed. :)


Jack Knutson

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Community Growth Lead at Wyre

Michael Bombace

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Head of Legal and Compliance @ Wyre, Senior Advisor to Government Blockchain Association, and adviser to varied startups and larger corporates.

Liana Spano

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Worked at Wyre, Jenner Communications. Experience with Administrative Tasks, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Support

Thomas Scaria, CFA

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Citi Investments - BS in Engineering at USC - Really into crypto!

Bonnie Lau

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Director of People @ Wyre My passion is creating people strategies & processes from scratch. I love the blank canvas that is people operations at startups!

Anthony Lau

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Sr. Backend Engineer at Wyre

Kimberly Oberhauser

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Compliance Counsel - in operations, payments, cryptocurrency, licensing, building bank relationships. Certified Info. Privacy Professional (CIPP) & CAMS

Tyson Malchow

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Software Architect, Researcher, Learner, Engineer, Developer, Optimizer, Manager, Planner, Implementor, Teamworker.

Sam Schlachter

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CTO @Wyre , web-tech hacker, blockchain enthusiast.

Jack Jia

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Board members and advisors

Former Founding Partner @Synapse Capital Advisor @Wyre, Co-Founder @Hedgy (Acq), @Campus Ink Apparel (Acq), Tech investor. MFin. Studied @USC, Law @Loyola

Ioannis Giannaros

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COO, Co-founder @Wyre
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Former team

Monica Ihnatsyeu

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Nickolas Teixeira

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Charlie Isslander

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Ronaldo Rigoni

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Ibrahim Disu

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Taylor Hunt

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