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Video Outreach Platform for Customer Engagement

Video Outreach Platform for Customer Engagement

There is a lot of noise in the tech world with new companies popping up everyday.

How can businesses stand out when they offer similar products as their competitors? How can they build genuine relationships with their customers?

Not through spamming with impersonal generic emails...

We believe businesses can standout with video, specifically personalized video.

So we started Sendspark.

With Sendspark you can record a personalized video message, and add a call-to-action to provide the user the next steps in the buyer journey.

The video lives on our video share page that is completely customizable. You can add your own brand colors, logo, titles, chat messages, and calls-to-action.

The video is shared with a GIF preview which we automatically generate. You can personalize it with a caption or ‘stickers’ to gain attention. These can be added to any email draft.

These videos increase email conversion up to 300%, so sales teams only have to send a video to spark a conversation.
Co-founder & CEO @Sendspark
Founder of Sendspark • @Venture for America fellow. Worked at @Filestack and @VidGrid

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