Making communication smarter one email at a time.

Making communication smarter one email at a time.

Senders is a contextual intelligence email service offered by One More Company, Inc, the company behind Trackbuster™.

In the cloud computing era, why download new software to make your email more useful and efficient? Senders integrates into your existing workflow and your favorite apps. No downloads, no new software.

Once you connect your Gmail or Google Apps account, Senders Cards will be added to your emails, which means they will display on all devices—laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet. The enhanced Senders information is always there, at your fingertips. Just set it and forget it.

With Senders you can make decisions quickly, without leaving your email. When you want to know more about a person—their job, what’s new in their world—you can get it all right there in the email message, at a glance. You don’t have to switch over to the browser and search Google and LinkedIn and Twitter and AboutMe and GitHub and Medium...

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