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Our Vision is to enable Smart Lives with Smarter Software

Jobs at Semusi Technologies Pvt Ltd Noida (U P)

Diverse team of passionate software developers, data scientists and digital marketeers
all focused on delivering on the promise of smarter software

We launch new experiences fast, iterate often, and deliver better a UI experience for both small businesses and enterprises. Your business is not different – just like us, you will be creating the core of what makes successful – a platform that mobile product managers love. Working with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and more than 10+ popular open source libraries, you’ll have a direct impact on the customer experience for our customers and end users. Questions to ask yourself We wanted to make sure what kind of candidates we are looking for.. So if you think you can be honest with the answers of these questions with a positive “yes”, then this job can be fore you.

 While I am coding, do I have a sense of awareness of security?

 Do I have an understanding of multithreading and race conditions?

 Am I the right person to printout useful error messages and logging ?

 Do I like working with a data model before I start, complete with keys, views, lookup tables and more?

 Do I like working with open source software, and try not to be repetitive with my work?

 Do I have the ability to write clear, consistent and simple to use interfaces?

 Do I understand how to create a readable layout or acknowledge the need to get help from artists and graphic designers?

What you’ll be doing with us:

 Build core Semusi infrastructure

 Design and scale API endpoints

 Write good documentation for what you are doing

 Write unit tests

 (Optional) write enlightening, impressive blogs of what you have been doing here