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Headset Free VR for Forbes 5000 Brands

Headset Free VR for Forbes 5000 Brands

Virtual reality gaming has surpassed the experience consumers have at brick & mortar (B&M) Point of Purchase. However, in the past few years, we’ve seen that head “wearables” frequently lack appeal aside from at-home gaming.

Best Buy removed Oculus Rift installations at brick & mortar due to poor performance and, in a VR commerce focus group conducted by Worldpay, users were reluctant to wear their provided headsets, let alone make purchases in a transaction oriented simulation. More recently, a global Forbes 5000 brand told us they could not get consumers to wear headsets during an in-store pilot.

Immersive 3D has inherent value in consumer facing applications. For digital signage, we believe a headset free display approach is best. This has been demonstrated in multiple cases, LEGO’s kiosk that increased likelihood to purchase 64% and the Adidas virtual footwear wall that grew select shoe revenue 5-fold.

Zenah Khawaja

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BSCS @University of Illinois, Chicago worked as a developer @Tellabs then started @Semiautomatic Semiotics accepted @{WiSTEM} at 1871 '18 SPIE Startup Semi-finalist

John Miller

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BSME, @Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology @Nvidia GTC Early Stage Pavilion 2014, hand built stereoscopic 3D display system, multiple patents auto-stereoscopy

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