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Mentor driven accelerator program based in Cork,Ireland

Mentor driven accelerator program based in Cork,Ireland

Selr8r is a mentor driven accelerator program to help take market disrupting products, and drop them like a bomb, into the global marketplace, in a lightning fast, agile, and explosive way, in under 50 days.
Selr8r is a powered by AXLR8R, a toolbox of theme based accelerator programs, aimed at specific industry sweet spots, and led by industry ‘special forces’, and crack advisory teams. AXLR8R runs internationally acclaimed programs for startups in Europe, China and the USA, and is now looking to take its 3rd select group of committed entrepreneurs on the journey to break through the final frontier - Sales.

Bill Liao

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@Bill Liao Investment Partner SOSV.com Founder EU.IndieBio.co Co-Founder @Coderdojo Co-Founder WeForest.org

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