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On-demand sales in any geography

On-demand sales in any geography

Sales is hard.

Hiring, interviews, training, ramp up time, failed hires... building sales teams is expensive and time consuming, with a high rate of failure.

Sellcrowd is here to change all that.

Sellcrowd is a mobile app and marketplace solution for hiring top sales talent on-demand. We connect fast growing companies with a flexible sales force, and tools to build people and process driven sales funnels that optimise over time.

- Rapidly hire, train and trial salespeople in any geography to grow sales without risking payroll. List sales jobs on Sellcrowd for free. Set KPIs and remuneration and watch your sales activity grow.

- Find flexible sales opportunities with the best companies in the world. Work from home or the beach with our remote sales suite. Build and manage sales teams for clients. Earn money on your own terms.

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Pamela Loreto

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Co-Founder @Sellcrowd ; Former APAC Sales Ops & Strategy @Salesforce & @Adobe Systems ; 5 years VC & Startups in China; PwC; Chartered Accountant.
I build on-demand sales teams for startups | Founder @ Sellcrowd.com