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Digital-identity management software that empowers individuals to own identity-data

Digital-identity management software that empowers individuals to own identity-data

Advancing Individual Freedoms & Rights
SelfKey is building a blockchain-based identity system that allows identity owners to truly own, control and manage their digital identity. At the very heart of this individual freedom, lies control over our personal identity data. However, this information is stored in centralized databases, prone to data breaches and security hacks. As technology digitizes the world, outdated paper-drive systems cannot be relied upon. Blockchains allow us to build a more private, secure, and transparent identity system that respects our individual freedoms.

Our Mission
SelfKey is a blockchain technology startup developing innovation in digital identity management, empowering individuals (and corporations) to truly own, control, and manage their personal data. With data breaches happening every week, our mission is to change how the world manages and processes identity transactions using blockchain technology. This will create a safer world where our personal data and privacy is protected.

During the token sale in January 2018, Selfkey reached the ‘Public Sale Max Cap’ in 11 minutes, raising $22M. The blockchain identity management market is expected to grow from $90.4 Million USD in 2018 to $2 Billion USD by 2023, at an annual growth rate of 84.5%.

The SelfKey Foundation
The SelfKey Foundation has obtained the Regulatory Sandbox License (RSL) from the Board of Investment of Mauritius. This RSL license allows SelfKey to develop identity products with a greater level of regulatory certainty, in line with our mission to allow individuals to truly own and control their digital identity. Being approved by the Mauritius BOI, reaffirms our project’s potential and positions us under the scrutiny and monitoring of a regulator, which can help us to meet established milestones. Mauritius has been referred to as “Ethereum Island” and is becoming an international hub for blockchain startups.