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At Saint-Clair Wealth Management, LLC. we acquire funding for disruptive, emerging, pre-ipo companies. We only represent about 5% of the businesses presented to us. If there is one thing our over 100 years of experience has taught us is that we know a winner when we see it. Call us at 1-561-543-2767 for more information.

Charlotte Scaccia

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Mohammad Mansoor Islam

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A Digital Marketing Enthusiast skilled in PPC Marketing, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Campaign Optimization, Analytics, and Affiliate Marketing.

kelcie hromisin

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Giorgio Gross

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Two time founder with a record of turning raw ideas into production-ready services. "Hands-on" personality: If I'm lacking a skill, I'm eager to learn it.

Atreyue Ryken

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Worked at Warner, WarnerMedia. Experience with Apparel, Advertising, Business Management. Went to University of California Berkeley
Founder, Sqan Payments | Full-Stack Web Developer | Investor
Tech marketer and community builder with 8 yrs of experience building an engaged community through content, influencer partnerships, and digital initiatives.

Matthieu Caneill

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Pragmatic programmer crafting clean software solutions to solve real problems. I don't break prod servers too often.
Went to None. I Am a Self-Starter.

Vikki Read

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Full-stack developer with over a decade of experience of all aspects of development, including technical leadership.

Dhruv Srivastava

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6+ years experience

Samuel Williamson

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Kiwi. Global Marketer. Enthusiast.

Gregor Albrecht

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Freelance Software Engineer with a passion for front-end development, MSc student at TU Darmstadt and drinker of good coffee.

Ahmed Imad

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Brandon Chan

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Years of engineer management, customer support, and program manager experience. Expert in building teams and creating product prototype from scratch.

Mische Kang

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Education + Design. Wellesley + Stanford grad. California, Santiago de Chile, South Africa. Experience scaling an educational NGO & other big picture things

Philip Panton

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Director / Digital Developer (self-employed)

Alexander Pikovski

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Data Scientist

Ruslan Vovchenko

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Freelance UX/UI, IT education, looking for a product designer position

Revé Fisher

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Writing, editing, translation (ES/FR->EN), content marketing, digital marketing, and virtual team management. Looking for 100% remote opportunities only.

Corey van der Wal

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Digital Health Product Consultant | Former Head of Product @Syapse & Epocrates @Athenahealth | Healthcare @Deloitte Consulting | I-Banking @Lazard | Harvard MBA

Parthiban Rajendran

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11+ years experience with 2 in as developer, and 9+ in Embedded C, Automotive Domain (Power Train) as developer and specialist.

Josh Rickard

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I am a creator of things, who loves to automate everything using code. I solve the problems no one else has, or thinks they can.

Ziad Saab

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I’ve been a software engineer for 15+ years, specializing in full-stack web development for high-traffic sites, as well as mobile application development.

Justine Anweiler

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Creative Consultant Pan Macmillan - Senior Designer Do The North - Marketing Business Development Manager Critical Mass - Digital Advertising and Brand Intern

Taylor Schaefer

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A passionate writer who loves to pull in readers with engaging content. I specialize in creating and editing articles, blog posts, and sales copy.

Andrew Miliy

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MS in CS, passionate about blockchain and machine learning, 10+ projects deployed at BCV, Volksbank, Bank of New York, E-Plus, Group M.

Evan Petkov

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PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich - SusTec Program

Laurens Herlaar

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- Product Owner - Product Development - User Experience - People Management - Blockchain - CRM/CMS Development (database, payments, communication, UX)

Anna Sellem

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Burner, obsessed with the Future of Live, Work & Play

Amy Cochrane

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Founder & CEO, Momentum

Victoria Conroy

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Giulio Sironi

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Business Developer in the tech industry

Fabien Allanic

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Entrepreneur and software engineer, passionate about JavaScript, with 15 years of web development experience and 7 years of experience leading a team.

Hanno Becker

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CEO at Scede

Maria Montgomery

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Social Entrepreneur. Writer. Director. Change Maker. Globe Trotter. Potentially Funny.

charlie petrizzo

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Levente Bacsko

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Now working as self-employed on industrial IT development projects. Worked at @Michelin as IT developer and business analyst.

Radu Filip

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Experience with React, GraphQL, NodeJS, TypeScript

Rene Ramirez

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My name is Rene founder of School Shields. School Shields are bullet-resistant shields specially designed and engineered for schools and campuses.

Megan McCullough

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Experienced Recruiter With a Passion for Diversity & Inclusion

Peter Vu

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Worked at Self-Employed, Shoppie Pte. Experience with Apple, Adobe Photoshop, Email. Went to Fpt University

Elixir Connect LLC

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Elixir Connect is a San Diego SEO and Digital Marketing agency that works with business owners looking to improve their online presence and grow their business!

Larry Wray

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R&D Executive and Consultant In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Life Sciences

Jeff Carey

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Experienced product manager and software developer

Margaret Wolfson

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As Founder and Chief Creative of River + Wolf (, I have developed hundreds of brand names, brand stories, and messages for established...

Celeste Brennan

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Beth Kettenacker

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Independent Technology Consultant

Emilie Barrallon Engeli

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Sigal Blay

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Experienced software developer and database manager for biological applications. Adept in JavaScript, jQuery, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, C++, and more.

Gregory Radzio

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Performance Coach for Developers. Agile advocate. Value creation through fast iterations and data driven decisions. Full stack wizard, Microservices expert.

Ricardo Martins

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Video | social media | voice talent | strategy | Journalist & Communicator

Tomboy Tarts

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Celebrating the classic tomboy spirit with a blog & Asia's BIGGEST only all female English comedy podcast. Follow or you might hit a brick wall. |

Ken "K-Fam" Fambro

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Desirée Dunbar

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Bonnie Bruderer

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bogdan filip

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Michael Bolger (GoHolidayLets)

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I am happy to say we are going from strength to strength . We list your holiday rental property for FREE on and charge a small service...

Reiner Pittinger

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Deb Dutcher

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Benedikt S. Vogler

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Student of Informatics. I developed a game engine before I switched my focus to AI.

Dee Love

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Dianna Orr

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Co-Founder: "The Good Life Tool, Inc"​ and the "miLIFIC Health App" at Self-Employed

Janko Trenkoski, CFA, FRM

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Full stack generalist, experienced sales manager, launched a local search start-up in emerging market, recognized institutional investor.

Mark McVea

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Computer Engineer P. Eng. Experience in hardware, software, QA, Support, Sys Admin, Planning, and Entrepreneurship
Student at student information communication technology

Frances Smith

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Bachelors & Masters at University of Texas, strength coach, toured as Broadway musician, founded and operated a food production company with retail space.

Christina A. Santelli

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Founder of Style Me New, a style concierge providing personal and online shopping.

Vijay Kantharia

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Worked at Self-Employed, Dr.Conaways Lab. Experience with Bilingual, English language, Hindi Language. Went to The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
Founder founder,

Joy Laudahl

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Founder @Self-Employed, Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue • Studied at @Oregon State University

Reena Saxena

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The Poodles of Park Avenue author. Was on Yeshiva U's faculty. Songwriters Guild member: my father, Nelson Cogane was an ASCAP songwriter. MA: NYU & BA: IU.

Christophe Lassus

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Carol Garnett

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cass McNamara

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Founder at BirthSparks, MaMa Conference, inventor of the award winning, patented CUB

marcel guay

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Paleo Software LLC is a Canadian and American company which is a trend setter in computer security. We sell much more than anti-virus and anti-malware...

Clifton Shepherd

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Ramsey Gyde

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Joel Caro

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Aspire Signature

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IT Solutions, HR Staffing Solutions and Management Solutions

Sean M. Heeran

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Julian Finn

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Diplom (Master's equivalent) degree in CS, more than 10 years of experience in the digital business from Startups to grown companies.

Mandy McClausky

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Full-Stack Designer; research, exploration, implementation.

Sebastian Prein

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Interaction Designer and Senior Frontend Developer

Ashley Freer

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I am known for exploring new ideas, creating organization from chaos, driving goals, projects, & plans to success, strategizing like crazy, and taking risks.

Amy Watkins

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Ideator - Creator - People Whisperer

Nicholas Dempsey

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Dynamic Digital Strategist and Communications Professional with 5+ years of experience and a Master of Communication Management degree from USC.

Raghu Mudaliar

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Jessica Alvarado

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Office administrator and bookkeeper seeking next step in career.

Jose G. Gonzalez

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Startup Family Office, Mentor, Futurist, SEM, History, NLP, possibly Remote Viewer.

Daniel Tyler

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Over the years, sculptor Fred Hoppe has created some of the world’s most revered art pieces on historical figures, patriotic themes, and wildlife.

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