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Fast and cost efficient facial identification solution

Fast and cost efficient facial identification solution

We position ourselves as a computer vision company that provides fast and high-performance facial identification solution near source of data. Our revolutionary 1:N matching algorithm aims at achieving real-time performance locally and more cost efficiently compared to GPU-equipped centralized servers.

Our mission is to utilize existing hardware infrastructure and delegate processing power to low-budget platforms. Our solution drastically lowers the bar of adopting face identification technology and makes better use of image and video data.

Our competitive advantages are:
1) Novelty: We have developed efficient matching techniques that capture the essence of complex deep learning based algorithms but require much less resources.
2) Responsiveness: Our algorithm can screen a moving subject against a database of 10k population within less than 3sec.
3) Compactness: Our models can comfortably fit into low-end platforms.
4) Accuracy: Most of faces are identified correctly on the scene.

Tony (Yu) Yuan

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CEO and Co-Founder @SeizeFace

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