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Putting your reality into virtual experiences


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Benoit Wirz

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Partner @Brighteye. http://www.brighteyevc.com Previously ran @Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund. @Stanford @INSEAD alum

Kima Ventures

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Investing in 2 to 3 startups per week, all over the world

Jeremie Berrebi

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Magical Capital CEO Late stage Investor (50M-$500M range) Serial Entrepreneur - 300+ Investments - 27 countries Co-founder at Kima Ventures (left May 2015)

Richard Fearn

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Director at 'The Friday Club London.' Ad-man. Angel investor. Ex Break-dancer. Dad of two boys into Barbie, jelly & fighting. The boys. Not me.

Scott McPhee

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Co-Founder, Chatham Therapeutics, Torque Bio, Antipodean Ventures • Investor: Allbirds, Seene • Worked: Asklepios BioPharm • Alum: Harvard, Auckland

Knight Foundation

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Informed and Engaged Communities

Julian Carter

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Experienced VC | Angel investor | C-Level executive in software/internet related companies

EC1 Capital

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We invest between $300,000-$1.3m in early stage web startups