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Venture Capital Analyst Internship

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To apply, please go on our website here: jobs.seedstars.com/apply/Sb2Pi2zcw3/Venture-Capital-Analyst-Internship?source…


Seedstars is a global organization with headquarter in Switzerland and a presence in 70+ emerging markets. We are on a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Our initiatives are focused on connecting stakeholders within these ecosystems, building tech companies from scratch and investing in the top entrepreneurs.

Seedstars Investments, the investment arm of Seedstars, funds high impact technology entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We leverage our on the ground presence and network that covers 80 markets to discover the best early stage ventures and provide value from idea to the later stage. We also take companies to the next level through our acceleration program and work closely with the entrepreneurs to give them access to the Seedstars global infrastructure and know-how (network, funding, technology team, etc).


We are looking for an analyst to join the Investment team and help support our sourcing, acceleration and monitoring activities. This is a role which can be done either from our global office in Porto, or remote.

- Primarily the candidate will manage deal flow and screen startups based on corporate partners’ specific parameters, innovation objectives, and investment criteria.
- Additional support will be required in relation to the organisation and execution of the accelerator program (content preparation, managing mentors, logistics)
- Depending on the period, additional support will be required with financial modelling, market analysis and due diligence.

- Passion for startups and technology, particularly in emerging markets
- Financial acumen and strong analytical skills (Excel/Google Spreadsheet expert) and an understanding of key startup metrics
- Flexibility & International exposure - This job only makes sense for someone who is passionate about traveling and excited to go somewhere completely new, often on very little notice & with a couch surfer attitude
- Excellent organisational skills and attention to details (at the question "please describe who you are in a tweet" start your answer with the word "kiskil")
- Strong belief in getting things done - We are nomads traveling around the world so it is important to have drive, ownership and execution. Working in remote with an international team, you have to be comfortable working alone and capable to prioritize and make things happen

To apply, please go on our website here: jobs.seedstars.com/apply/Sb2Pi2zcw3/Venture-Capital-Analyst-Internship?source…