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Ryan Feit

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CEO and Co-founder of @SeedInvest. Carlson Capital, Wellspring Capital Management and Lehman Brothers. MBA from The Wharton School.


Eric Woo

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Jing Li

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Lauren Fong

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Miles Green

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Nancy Xu

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Tai Nicolopoulos

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Marketer with 12+ years B2B & B2C experience seeks an opportunity to blend qualitative & quantitative methods to generate sales overnight and brand over time.
Entrepreneur and investor: @Jet @johnnie-O @SeedInvest

Wyatt Lonergan

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Venture Team @Circle & @SeedInvest

Leah Shabshelowitz

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Operations @SeedInvest. Brown '08. Boston College Law '12.
Principal @ SeedInvest. Hoya Alum

Homan Lee

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AnMaree Williams

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Product Designer at SeedInvest
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Former entrepreneur
Fintech Partner, Vectr Ventures Co-Founder, Crowdfund Capital Advisors Worked on fintech in 40+ countries w/ founders, regulators, govts, World Bank, IDB, etc

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Andres Diana

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Jay Thakrar

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Neha Aletty

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Kiran Lingam

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Kara Kohlenberg

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Harshil Shah

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