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Current surveillance technology is ultimately ineffective in preventing crime and terror. While cameras are virtually everywhere, the cameras do not prevent terror from occurring. The footage is used reactively to identify terrorists rather than proactively to prevent attacks. Seecure is a video analytics solution to prevent security incidents. Seecure analyzes video footage in real-time to understand 1) What is different in the scene? 2) If there is a difference, is the difference a material security threat? Its anomaly detection system represents a paradigm shift in video analytics. Terrorists exhibit subtle clues or gestures in execution of attacks, and it’s virtually impossible to detect all these gestures prior to an attack. Competitors have attempted this approach, yielding many false positives. Terrorists and criminals behave differently relative to the crowd, but it’s unclear how they will behave differently (e.g. avoiding eye contact with a policeman, keeping a regimented distance to the target). By looking for anomalies in a scene rather than detecting individual actions, Seecure is more accurate in predicting terror attacks. Seecure is actively working with landmark customers in terror-plagued countries to predict attacks and alert officials. Its product has been tested by law enforcement agencies, successfully predicting incidents with 90% accuracy. Seecure’s team has a proven track record in building image processing algorithms and scaling complex technology companies. The team consists of engineers with +50 years combined experience in machine learning who have developed new methods for DNA analysis and engineered big data applications in distributed computing environments. Prior accomplishments include discovering new dimensionality reduction principles, developing new methods for DNA analysis, and proving Ulam’s conjecture—a problem that was formulated and unsolved by Manhattan project scientists.

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