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Video analytics to predict behavioral responses

Video analytics to predict behavioral responses

Seecure's anomaly detection system represents a paradigm shift in video analytics. Terrorists exhibit subtle clues or gestures in execution of attacks, and it’s virtually impossible to detect all these gestures prior to an attack. Competitors have attempted this approach, yielding many false positives. Terrorists and criminals behave differently relative to the crowd, but it’s unclear how they will behave differently (e.g. avoiding eye contact with a policeman, keeping a regimented distance to the target). By looking for anomalies in a scene rather than detecting individual actions, Seecure is more accurate in predicting terror attacks. The product is also being used in retail to curb shoplifting and provide valuable marketing insights to retailers. Seecure paired its video analytics solution with mobile branded pay to observe shoppers' behavior in-store and send relevant deals to them. Seecure's technology is patent pending and strengthened by unique datasets from our customers.

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CEO of video analytics solution to combat terrorism and crime; management consultant @Deloitte Consulting; worked in health tech VC; @Columbia Business School
Mathematician, Machine Learning, Statistics, Image Processing,. @University of California, San Francisco ; @Carnegie Mellon University ;Align Technology, Inc.