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Cybersecurity is the #1 IT spending priority in 2015

Cybersecurity is the #1 IT spending priority in 2015

More than 175MM user accounts from more than 35 known site breaches have occurred in just the last 2 years, affecting organizations including Sony, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Target and many others.  For CIOs and consumers alike, cybersecurity is top-of-mind like never before.  

New approaches to cybersecurity require matching the rarest of individuals in the security community with seasoned management to turn unique knowledge into solutions to ensure the safety and security of critical military-industrial infrastructure, companies and consumers.

You will participate in the growth of some of the most promising startups in the security arena.  Your investment and their technology solutions will be critical to securing military, industrial, corporate and consumer environments.

We have been formative members of highly successful security companies and have relationships both with growing firms, as well a large firms with a consistent record of acquiring valuable security assets.

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