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We STOP malware on the 2 billion devices powered by Android

We STOP malware on the 2 billion devices powered by Android

We’re the guys that have solved Android security.

Our team is pioneering a new security technology called "BiTSentry" that stops malware and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities starting with the 2 billion devices powered by Android.

Unlike our competitors, BiTSentry is 100% effective at mitigating the risk of malware because we assume everything is a threat up front. We do not detect or predict anything. We isolate everything.

Our technology includes a microkernel, super lightweight virtual machine manager (hypervisor) and encryption management designed to replace the vulnerable and large (14M+ lines of code) linux kernel that Android is built on. Our microkernel is < 100K lines of code, resulting in a super small attack surface and secure foundation for Android. This is the first step.

Next, we change how executables run on Android so that every application and its data, regardless if its a system app or one you download, runs in its own isolated environment.

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Steven Rahseparian

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34+ Years Software Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur. Deep Experience in Web & Mobile Technologies. Focused on Cyber Security.