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Secure web-layer for fully P2P decentralized exchange

Secure web-layer for fully P2P decentralized exchange

Smart Contracts for realtime revenue sharing, using Bitcoin to allow the automatic disbursement of any digital revenue stream directly to a smart contract's current token holders.

Smart Contract ownership can be easily exchanged completely Peer to Peer on trade.secureae.com, with the new owner receiving X revenue for Y ownership as soon as the network confirms the tokens new ownership.

For Example: A content site can issue a Smart Contract to sell 5% of it's ad revenue for 6 months, putting that Smart Contract up for purchase by accredited investors, after which it verifiably distributes that site's ad revenue according to the public ledger of ownership. Disbursement of the ad revenue to Smart Contract holders happens in realtime as each ad is served.

Investors receive a return-generating asset they can resell in a liquid market and the content site receives direct investment from motivated investors who have their returns linked directly to realtime revenue.

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CTO of @SmartContract . Previously built and grew @Secure Asset Exchange, developer and team lead @Pivotal Labs . Studied CS at @NYU.
CEO @SmartContract, previously built and grew @Secure Asset Exchange