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Search Eat Rate Repeat

Search Eat Rate Repeat

Seatrr (Search, Eat, Rate and Repeat) is an online food discovery platform.

1. Each Restaurants Top Dishes: Seatrr displays the best dishes of a restaurant category wise: Starters, Main Course etc

2. Efficient and targeted Search: Get best restaurant for your favorite cuisine/dish. When you search restaurants for Chinese Cuisine/Khowsuey Dish, it displays restaurants with only chinese ratings/Khowsuey rating for all the restaurants.

3. Category wise best dishes: If you love Cheesecakes then one click seatrr displays a list of best cheesecakes in town.

4. Informative Restaurant Menu: Seatrr's Restaurant menu also shows user ratings, number of people tried for all the dishes. Simple navigation through menu.

5. Trending and All time favourite dishes: Seatrr displays a list of all trending dishes of your area along with must try dishes in your town.

Founded by IIT Bombay graduates, Seatrr consists of a two platforms: Mobile application and web application along with a blog.

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