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The best way to evaluate talent

The best way to evaluate talent

Searchlight unlocks brand new data profiles around candidates so that candidates can put their best foot forward and employers can make the best hiring decisions.

Hiring processes are full of missed opportunities - for candidates and employers both. There's too much bias, inconsistency, and stress. To fix this, we're starting with verified, automated reference assessments. Knowing what it’s like to work with a candidate leads to better hiring decisions. But most employers under-leverage references to understand their candidates, because the process is time-consuming and painful. Searchlight makes this process easier, faster, and better. Our platform provides customized reference forms, contacts candidates & references, handles all follow-ups, and consolidates reference insights - all in one place.

Our vision is to make the hiring process more fair so that employers and candidates can find their ideal teams.

Kerry Wang

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Founder at Searchlight. ex-Stanford d.School CA. ex-McKinsey BA. ex-Googler. M.S. Human-Computer Interaction. B.A. Human Biology (Innovation @ Entrepreneurship)

Anna Wang

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Founder @ Searchlight (YC W19) (ex-APM @Google, ex-BA @McKinsey & Co, ex-SWE @Uber , CS/AI @Stanford University
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