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Hybrid Amphibious-Seaplane

Hybrid Amphibious-Seaplane

SeaMax produces the award winning, economical, and fully S-LSA certified M22 Hybrid Amphibious-Seaplane

The two seat M22 is simplicity personified, think of it as a jet-ski with wings. It's wings are designed to fold, allowing the airplane to be stored virtually anywhere. Retractable landing gear and a composite, kevlar reinforced hull allow operation from land, water, and snow.

The M22 combines long range (650 miles) and extreme fuel economy (5 GPH fuel burn) to create one of the most economical vehicles in existence. The SeaMax requires only a valid driver's license and 20 hours of instruction to fly with a purchase price equal to that of a high end sports car.

The M22 is all about fun and accessibility. It's affordable, practical, and it brings aviation to anyone who has ever dreamed of the freedom of flight. Best of all, it has a proven safety record and is immediately available.
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Serial entrepreneur from the age of 15, brought Buffalo wings into the national vernacular. Experienced executive and activist investor. Owner of SeaMax America

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