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AI-Based Enterprise Applications Using Proprietary Software Legos

AI-Based Enterprise Applications Using Proprietary Software Legos

Scry Analytics' mission is to build AI-based enterprise apps that augment automated real-time data analysis with in-built domain expertise. These innovative apps use more than 130 proprietary algorithms as well as parallel and distributed computing to harness information from different sources and types of data thereby improving their quality, accuracy and speed and providing high return on investment.

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Scry Analytics is building enterprise applications that use proprietary AI-based algorithms, which clients can use them on a stand-alone basis or in their solutions. The following is the list of enterprise apps that are part of three suites:

(a) Collatio – collating structured and unstructured data and analyzing it
• Financial spreading
• Loan ops automation
• Financial ops automation
• F&A reconciliation
• Contract intelligence
• Invoice reconciliation
• Enhancing data and Know Your Customer (KYC)
• Data flow mapping
(b) Risc – predicting marketing risk and operational risk
• Medsocial
• Adverse event detection using external media
• Voice of Cancer Patients
• Predicting probability of default for SMB Loans
• Identifying similar service tickets and potential bugs
(c) Anomalia – detecting anomalies and potential fraud
• Anomaly detection in ACH transactions
• Anomaly detection in Wire transactions
• Anomaly detection in Mobile Checks
• Anti-money Laundering (AML)
• Detecting Conflict of Interest


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