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We invest in early stage startups in mobile sector and help their expansion to Asia.


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Nobuhiro Ariyasu

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Founder of Coach United(acquired by @COOKPAD), Founder of @Tokyo Founders Fund

Yusuke Asakura

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Co-Founder of Signifiant. Founding Partner of Tokyo Founders Fund. Mentor at StartX. Turned around mixi as CEO. Co-founded Naked Technology.

Koichiro Yoshida

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Founder and CEO @Crowdworks , Angel investor

Keizo Tsutsui

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Angel and Int'l BizDev @NEXT. Joined @Rakuten Americas in 1999 when sales was $6 million, grew it to $1.2 billion in 2005. Then joined a VC, helped 2 startups thru IPO.

Shinji Kimura

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Jung-hee Ryu

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a pipedreamer, an inventer, and a mad scientist wannabe.

Kohei Noda

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I'm corporate investor and angel investor based on Japan. I can help you entry to Japan market.