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CrowdPricing & Discovery-Tools Sell Ebooks

CrowdPricing & Discovery-Tools Sell Ebooks

Scribliotech (known as Scribl) is a new form of digital publisher/distributor, creator of the patent-pending CrowdPricing™ business model able to produce greater than a 10x revenue increase over conventional author-set pricing on sales of digital works by aspiring or independent authors, artists, directors, and software developers. Starting with ebooks, CrowdPricing Everywhere™ ensures titles gain this benefit across all major outlets (including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo etc.). Story Elements™ and Price-Based Ratings™ round out the sales and discovery tools to ensure every author is best served by posting new works with Scribl for the broadest distribution, maximized revenue, fastest payment, and best discoverability by prospective fans.

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Founded Scribliotech and Aptagen, Inc. • Led marketing, product dev, strategy at AMI Entertainment ($1B sales at retail) • B.S. in math, phys, econ at UNH