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Simple digital signage software for smart businesses

Simple digital signage software for smart businesses

Digital screens surround us all. Whether in shops, restaurants or the office, they're everywhere. The number is only going to grow, and we want to upgrade the experience of every single one of them. ScreenCloud pulls information from wherever it lives and transforms it into beautiful, screen ready content. Users pick inexpensive hardware, like Amazon Firesticks, and use our friendly tools to get up and running. Digital signage isn't just for the IT department. Creative & flexible apps then empower teams to change the way they sell, think and work. It’s quite the challenge! We’re very proud of our product, but it's our people and shared values that take us beyond other companies. It starts with diversity; we have hubs in London, Belfast, LA and Bangkok, with people from around the world in each (over 20 nationalities now!) To connect across these spaces, we run events like our annual comp any get together. Last year we spent a week in Bangkok, and Poland the year before! And of course each hub has its own regular socials and events on top if you're interested. Surrounded by a team you like & respect, the Sunday night blues aren't so bad!
Creative hacker & cofounder of @ScreenCloud. Working on ways to connect all the screens. Past @Codegent @flowinstagram

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CEO of @ScreenCloud • Founded digital products studio @Codegent. Former owner of digital agency @Thin Martian & OEA @Tepilo • Studied at @Exeter University

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