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Software Engineer

$56k – $58k • 2.0% – 17.0%
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Technical Lead or Technical Co-founder for Screen360.tv

Screen360.tv is fundraising to meet a $250K matching grant; if it is met, we begin in February 2020.

Screen360.tv is a platform where young audiences can meet their local, regional and international peers to watch expertly curated foreign films and respond together across time and geographical borders. The platform also serves as a teaching tool for emerging film students seeking to make a more authentic film for young audiences with the Design Thinking process. We believe that multilingual, empathetic and curious learners are cornerstones of a healthy society. Immersive, cross-cultural experiences gained through international education and travel inarguably cultivate such citizens. We extend that to all learners through Cinema.
Screen360.tv needs an adept technical co-founder as we take the next steps to our launch. Screen360.tv is currently led by Catherine Kavanaugh and a team of Bay Area-based advisors. We seek an adept technical co-founder to add to a well-tested prototype, developed at Stanford Graduate School of Education and Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.School).
The CTO will join a human-centered design mindset which engages its users, Young audiences and emerging filmmakers, throughout the development cycle. Salary negotiable + equity.
● Love international Cinema and understand the value of Cinema shared in community.
● Happy to support other departments and work multidisciplinarily in a small start-up.
● Magnanimous, post-heroic, visionary. Ready to manage a growing technical team.
● Enjoy pitching in English. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
● Experienced developer looking to work in a burgeoning U.S. field with EU partners
(where the field is stronger.)
● Strong point of view on how to build scalable machine learning infrastructure
● Familiarity with/have an opinion about AWS and other cloud computing platforms.
● Have an understanding/action plan for profile registration tag matching and scheduling
mechanisms; archiving and retrieving video.
● Proficient in C++ and C programming with having experience of x86/64 or arm
assembly coding as well as Python and Ruby in Windows and Mac, Android or Apple
● Solid understanding of video codec.
● Experience with working with video coding standards such as VVC, AV1, HEVC,
H.264/AVC,SVC, AVS, VPx. Experience with video coding standards reference software
such as VTM, JEM, HM, SHM, JM and JSVM preferred.
● Have knowledge of internet security and awareness of SOPIPA, COPPA and FERPA.
You will join Catherine Kavanaugh, co-founder of three international film festivals for young audiences - the latest, Screen360.tv is considered a "Positive Peace Technology at the Stanford Peace Innovation Institute. She transferred her work to the digital realm at Stanfords d.School and Grad School of Ed. Substantiating Screen360.tv's value in Education is evidence of the impact of international film on childhood autobiographical memory, research done in collaboration with the Berlin Film Festival's ​Generation ​section. Kavanaugh has sustained a long-term vision of cultural literacy and rich learning through redesign of access to the rich resources held in latent cinema archives.

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