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Experience, Traction, & Funding
Founding team with two successful exits, real enterprise customers (scoutrfp.com/users), and funding from New Enterprise Associates and Google Ventures.

Growth Opportunities
We’re looking for people to lead the Scout RFP of tomorrow. That means people who roll up their sleeves today while also having the ambition to stand up and lead as our organization grows.

Work with a small (but growing quickly!), Passionate Team
You spend more time at work and with your co-workers than with almost anyone. Our team is energetic, passionate, fun, and incredibly smart. Sound like you? We’d love to hear from you.

Solve Big, Interesting Problems
Sourcing is high stakes industry where our software and analytics help large organizations make large, complex purchasing decisions every day. Better, faster sourcing means a more efficient, healthy marketplace and economy. It’s easy to be passionate when you’re building software where everyone wins.

Competitive Pay
We want to work with great people. Great people deserve great compensation, simple as that. We also have a great stock option program.

We Work Remotely
At first it may seem strange to not waste precious energy fighting traffic, but we assure you, you’ll get used to it. What to do with the extra time? Use it to work on that thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish (taking up yoga, finishing Moby Dick, you get the idea.)
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