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Electric Vehicles for Everyone



Founder @ Scoot Networks • previously founder @EnergyHub • Studied Physics at @Yale University

Matt Ewing

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Do-gooder in startup land Current: Director of Engagement @Solarcity Past: Founder at @Scoot Networks & @New Media Ventures . National Field Director @ MoveOn


Bodie Abbott

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at Scoot Networks

Shivam Vohra

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PM @ Scoot. Dashboards, APIs, product strategy. Career in urban planning, engineering, and building bikeways in historically disenfranchised communities.

Martin Gray

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San Francisco State University graduate BSEE. Problem solving specialist.

Kevin Kong

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Fullstack/Mobile/Solidity engineer - PM & owner of 5M-user apps. Launched 3 startups. Harvard Econ, Stanford Cybersecurity.

Jacob Medaris

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Working at Scoot Networks as an Accountant. Experience with month-end close cycles, accounts payable, general ledger management.

Hannah Burak

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Economics/Government BA; 5 years experience data analytics, statistical modeling, BI development, analytics infrastructure

Craig Petzel

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Created multiple world scale Android applications from scratch (Lumosity, Primer SDK).

Cameron Hughes

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Cait Dooley

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PM @ Bird. Previous: PM @ Scoot Networks, head of product development for GT Bikes. Passionate about how people move through the world.

Brooke Tandy

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Paige Laurenzano

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Recruiting @Scoot Networks ; Previously @Atomic @Hired @Tandem Capital @Atlassian B.S. Sociology @Azusa Pacific University

Sunaina Seelam

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BA/BS from Wharton, UPenn '08. 2 years Morgan Stanley Tech Investment Banking. 1.5 years Cisco Corp Dev. 4 years Tesla Motors FP&A. 3 years VP Finance at Scoot.
Currently working at Scoot Networks expanding Light Electric Vehicles for the last 6 years! Intense passion for all things two-wheeled

Bob Walsh

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General Manager at Scoot in San Francisco. USF graduate passionate about electric vehicle sharing, logistics and last mile solutions.

Sierra Wallsmith

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Board members and advisors

Justin Dawe

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President and Board Member of Scoot Networks. Business, engineering, and policy experience. Stanford University BS/MS, Harvard MBA.

Former team

Terry Tsai

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Charlie Depman

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Kevin Nguy

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Mark Knudtsen

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Gary McCormick

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Jacopo Magni

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