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ML platform for biological compounds



Tom Leung

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Founded BenchSci, MSc in Virology and PhD in Epigenetics
Co-founder and CTO of @BenchSci
Founder @BenchSci


Adam Hewey

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Mark Kostove

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Studied Biochem. Worked as an Entrepreneur. Did an MBA. Focus on Health-Tech. Currently, work @BenchSci, AI-powered Biotech company.

Luke Pereira

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University of Toronto CS, App development

Ryan Breakey

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Mark Kostove

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Currently work in Enterprise Sales at BenchSci; Biotech and Pharma clients. Passion for all things Health-Tech. Studied Biochemistry and have an MBA.

Simon Smith

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For startups with innovative solutions to meaningful problems, I combine platforms, processes, and people to create scalable growth engines.

Yunpeng Li

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U of T Graduate, NLP researcher, full stack developer.

Shelby Reaburn

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Operations Manager at BenchSci

Asaf Inger

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Computer Engineer with a Bioengineering minor. {Java, JS{Angular, Ionic, Node, D3}, Processing,Python,C,Android,Machine Learning,MATLAB,SolidWorks,EEG}.

Matan Berson

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Full Stack Developer, currently working on a cognitive exercise system , Graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Carleton University.

Maurice Shen

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Board members and advisors

Bert Amato

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Angel Investor | Venture Partner | Director | Adviser
Co-Founder BlueCat Networks and Dyadem

Former team

Leonardo Rota-Rossi

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